Ripple Investment Overall Score: B

Ripple Growth Potential: B+
Ripple Sustainability Score: A
Ripple Brains Behind Currency: B+

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Ripple Labs, Inc. is the creator and developer of Ripple Payment Protocol.  This is what we know as Ripple the crypto currency.  Ripple Labs was founded in 2015 and has a headquarters in what has quickly grown to be the hotbed of Cryptocurrency in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The major differences of Ripple when compared to other crypto’s comes in it’s peer to peer based system that backs transactions.  It is much faster than many other cryptocurrencies, with average transactions taking no more than two to three seconds on average.  Many other transactions within the crypto world are known to take fifteen minutes to an hour.

Ripple claims to be better than any other blockchain and leverage the most “advanced blockchain technology that is scalable.”  As we’ve reviewed and researched Ripple, the value of it comes in access to multiple networks, on demand speed, transparency of transactions, and low cost.  From what we’ve seen, these values are backed up by Santander Bank, Standard Chartered, UBS, American Express, and others who have incorporated the currency into aspects of their every day business and payment processing.

These are huge wins for the currency when compared to others on the top ten market cap list.  This is largely why we’ve seen it rise all the way up to #4 in coin market capitalization at $141BN.

A lot can change in a little bit of time and recently Ripple has lost its momentum.  January 2018 has proven to be very tough on the Cryptocurrency markets with Ripple having been hit particularly hard by the downswing.  Recent government activities across the global landscape have seen Bitcoin and others endure  corrections with billions being wiped off of the crypto value books in a matter of days.

Warren Buffet hates Cryptocurrency, but if he liked it, he’d tell you that money is made when blood is in the streets.

The downswing has made for an interesting investment opportunity here in February 2018.   Currently XRP is trading at .87 on our favorite Altcoin exchange, Binance.  We recommend you check it out and think about this one.  Charts suggest it may retrace to higher values it saw as recently as December of 2017.


Ripple has had a lot of power transitions over its history, and it’s important to know the cryptocurrency’s history before jumping into the exchanges to invest.  With such a highly speculative investment situation in Cryptocurrency, we always recommend knowing the minds behind the speculation.  It is our opinion that the minds disrupting the space will largely be the one creating the future and value of where the space goes.  Knowing the minds and brain trust is just as important as understanding the sustainability and growth potential of a crypto.  It’s why we grade Ripple up top and on every one of our articles reviewing top coins.

The founder of Ripple, Ryan Fugger, thought of the idea of the digital coin based currency when he began recognizing patterns of need within his local Canadian Exchanges.  He had put in several years at the Vancouver local stock exchange and like many other Crypto-currency founders, he came away with an idea on how to disrupt the global economic system.   His goal was for peers to control their own economic system and be able to create their own decentralized and thus self stabilized monetary environment.  

Fugger (his name is brutal isn’t it?) came up with his first try at crypto currency with  It wasn’t the biggest success and needed a lot of work.  It became the opinion of many in the early cryptocurrency investment world that Fugger needed help on the development side with a great conceptual idea.

During the same time Ripplepay was being launched in mid 2011, this guy Jed McCaleb began working on a process in which a currency were verified by user to user protocol as opposed to the mining process used more popularly by currencies like Bitcoin.  What he needed was adopters and an early build out.  Ripple became a nice match.  That’s when Chris Larsen got involved.  His history stems in peer to peer lending and digital mortgage loans.  His resume is pretty stacked when it comes to disrupting already made spaces.  Loans had been controlled by banks for a long period of time, so the fact that Larsen is involved with the currency makes it a popular choice for savvy investors who like to follow success in other markets.  He definitely has a been there done that feel to him with his background as a board member of companies like EPIC and Credit Carma and co-founder of Prosper.

McCaleb and Larsen were able to convince Fugger to give up power on Ripple’s development in 2012, but even as McCaleb helped launch the initial rendition of Ripple, he quickly left the process in 2013 and separated from employment and his partnership with Larsen.

Larsen currently assumes primary leadership over the direction of XRP, but his CT company is some 150 employees at this point.  Pretty impressive.

In terms of funding and institutional backing, there has been no shortage as Ripple has seen two angel rounds, a seed, and Series A and B financing.  We’ve seen top venture companies like Seagate Technology, Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, AME Cloud Ventures, and Wickflow capital get involved in over 80m in overall funding for XRP.  It was recently reported that the XRP Santander Pilot was successful, making adoption of the currency that much more likely to be on the horizon.

Ripple has also been popularized and saw a major pop when it received partnership commitments with MoneyGram in 2018.  MoneyGram is Dallas based.  I don’t really like Dallas, but the value of this partnership may make me like Dallas a little bit more.  This opens the road for bank transfers to be more popular in the US as more adopters validate what cryptocurrency could look like in the everyday market.   For more on what the MoneyGram and Ripple partnership may do for Cryptocurrency, check out this article

XRP Haters

XRP’s main source of criticism is that it’s usability is overinflated.   Alex Wilhelm, Editor and Chief at Crunchbase, recently took aim at XRP.  “If Ripple doesn’t become the world’s next payment settlement method for large financial institutions to move money around the world, it’s probably a bit overvalued. And that means, and I may shock you here, that there is a bit of a bubble in the nascent crypto market.”

Many believe that XRP’s price has become overinflated due to what is claimed as the flaw argument around circling supply.  Many see scarcity theory in place with XRP, but that may not be a reason to see the surge like we have.  With a $380bn market cap at one point, XRP made Ripple Labs worth 225bn and Chris Larsen 55bn.  That may just be a bit much and deserves to be listened to closely as a word of warning or encouragement.  We don’t pretend to know what all of this could be worth.

Where to buy Ripple (XRP)?

 We recommend buying  Ripple at Binance as it is not available on Coinbase or Coinmama.  Binance rocks and is our favorite exchange.  All you need to do is create an account using the link below.  Once you’re done, get your transfer address so you can transfer into your account in cryptocurrency.   Initiate a transfer of either Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, or LiteCoin into Binance, and begin transferring your currency into whatever alternate cryptocurrency you would like, including XRP. 

At Binance, you can see that some coins aren’t legit and have gone to zero.  Others may be brand new and surging.  Ripple is here though, and it’s ready for you to buy, so get in there! 

Ready to Invest in Ripple (XRP)?

Ready to invest in XRP? Binance is for you.

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