Cryptocurrency Investment Overall Score: A+

Growth Potential: A+

Sustainability Score: A

Brains Behind Currency: B+

What is stands for Proof of Existence and it is on variation 2.0 of it's offering. It is a crptocurrency designed to protect publishers and creators of digital assets by utilizing a combination of decentralized and groundbreaking blockchain technology along with timestamps and automated licensing.  On the website you can read more about how they leverage cryptography to give publishers and independent content creators the ability to streamline payments, the issuance, transfers, and creations of licenses, all while leveraging currency networks like Binance where the currency is openly traded and transferrable with Bitcoin or Ethereum.  You can use pretty much every alternate currency on Binance. 

I really like this coin, and here’s the dumbed down version of why.  Have you ever searched google for a certain picture, perhaps for the background image of your computer?  You find an incredible one, only to find it watermarked so anything you apply will only be ugly. Well, that conundrum is pretty much why this is needed, except for scale it to all forms of content (written, video, audio, etc).  In this day and age, we are reliant on google, and the name of the game in google’s world is fresh and authentic content.  Truth be told, one of the reasons we focus so much on content at ReviewCryptoCurrency is so that we can be recognized by google search engines who then consider us cool and good.  At that point we get the eyeballs of people we can help point in the right direction.  The point is, fresh, authentic content is key.

And it is so hard to protect in this day and age.  We use watermarks.  We transfer one to one and use ratings.  At the end of the day, it’s very hard to authenticate what is actually fresh content and what is not. is attempting to solve this and has a very good chance of doing so. 

In my opinion, using blockchain technology to limit access and authenticate use of copy, digital assets, video assets, or otherwise is exactly what the industry needs to automate and authenticate the internet’s most valuable and known secret: content.  That alone makes the currency useful and a practical investment for anyone in the digital publishing industry.  If you are a fan of affiliate marketing, this is the type of currency that you would love to see a fiverr or an upwork implement as part of their payment processing.  It would sure save some of the headache that ends up being poor overseas work.  There is so much value that isn’t being leveraged simply because of the lack of trust that digital assets and freelance work bring to the table.  There is also so much risk that we are adverse to when we publish content on the internet.


There are some very smart people outside of me (I’m really not that smart, I just like to read and write) on this project.  Bo Shen of Fenbushi Capital, Anthony di Lorio of Ethereum and Jaxx, David Bailey of BTC INC., Steven Dakh of Ethereum and SmartWallet, and Miker German of Vice Media all have seats on this project further validating it in the crypto and coin space.  I highly suggest grabbing a small stake.  I’ll be watching this one in 2018.

Roadmap: has an aggressive roadmap for 2018 and has already completed the release of its own wordpress integration using an open API.  

In April of 2018 the platform plans to provide support for content licensees and even more impressively it plans to have revenue share capabilities for its licensed platforms by July of 2018.

You can read more about the currencies plans on their website and I would highly advise getting some money into coinbase if you're a US investor.  Once your deposit clears, transfer to a Binance account that you can register for here.