Mango Startups


Updated February 1st:

Total Addressable Market Potential: A-

Growth Potential: A+
Sustainability Score: B
Brains Behind Currency: B+

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As a guy who comes directly from the Startup industry, it's exciting to see an offering aim to hybrid both cryptocurrency and start-up investing.  For the last decade, emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India, China (the famous BRIC emerging markets acrounym) have been very interesting to investors.  Latin America is also one of the areas that comes up along with Africa when looking at prospective investing too.  To date though, most investing has been in established companies via the stock exchange and emerging market ETF's.   This leaves a valuable opportunity area that needs to be tackled in early stage and seed investing.  MangoStartups has recognized this value and is attempting to become the first ICO backed by a VC fund in the largely underfunded economic region of Latin America.

Given the economic state of many of the countries in Latin America, a startup that allows for the investment of world currencies without centralization becomes very applicable and useful to venture capitalists.  This is what Mangostartups attempts to do with the placement of their ICO. 

The company already has a portfolio of edgy tech companies that are looking to push the envelope.  You can check out more on their site, but some of the highlights include an AR/VR advertising game platform, a fantasy football platform, and even a point of sale system.  It is clear that great innovation is going on in that part of the world.  It is MangoStartup's aim to fund it.

The company's accelerator network of potential investment includes companies from Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Peru.  Currently there are over 1,000 start-ups with ties to the idea.

ICO Start Date: 3/1/18

ICO End Date: 3/24/18

MangoStartups Website:

MangoStartups Whitepaper: Decentralized Latin American Seed Capital Fund

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