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Cryptocurrency ICO Score: A-

Total Addressable Market Potential: A-
Sustainability Score: A
Brains Behind Currency: A+

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LeadCoin likely has the most hype of any other ICO on this list.  It's not an accident.  There are very few industries more vital to the world economy than lead generation and sales.  I come specifically out of this industry. 

I was a sales representative long before I found my role in digital marketing and blogging.  As I went through my first three jobs hammering phones and perfecting the sales pitch, I began to realize that my practice was falling out of favor with people.  There are entire educational pieces dedicated to the erosion of communication.  Most are sourced out of one sole fact or something close to it:  The internet creates an environment where information is available in moments.  No one wants unannounced information anymore, especially not from a sales representative. 

Because of all this, I transitioned into a complicated new world much like other hybrid survivors in the industry.  I became a lead generation specialist and it turns out that while  sometimes you can get lucky and make it look easy, it's complicated.  This leads us right back to Leadcoin and its fit in the market.

LeadCoin explains that there are a myriad of customers acquisition efforts that contribute to our sales funenl in modern marketing.  These include online efforts like display and pay per click, along with offline efforts like cold calls, demo's, and follow up calls.  They cover that the online spend alone through facebook and google was over $100BN, a number that is expected to grow.  

The company estimates that only 5% of leads convert, which is a number I find to be low, but I work for a great advertiser that converts much more highly.  My view could be flawed.  Even so, over 80% of marketing spend is inefficient when tracking a final conversion which we here at ReviewCryptoCurrency couldn't agree more with.

The fundamental concept of LeadCoin could be cut down to a few words.  Peer to peer lead exchange.  We all have different sales funnel experiences in marketing that capture various different bits of data.  Even though we have an ideal customer, we are often presented with leads we cannot use.  They miss the mark for the company for whatever reason and at that point they die.  They go into the Salesforce CRM and never see the light of day again.

LeadCoin sees this as value.  I know this may seem scary, but when we go through a sign-up process and enter our email address, first, and last names, we agree to our information being eligible to be sold for re-marketing purposes.  There's no time for an ethics debate here around data selling.  It exists.  If you want to learn more I suggest watching the movie Terms of Conditions May Apply.  It'll change the way you look at online life, especially with your social networks.

So, using blockchain, LeadCoin looks to make us more effective with this ICO by creating a real time lead marketplace.  Buying and selling existing leads and leveraging blockchain allows for encryption and security to maintain.  If everything works out the right way, the prospective customer will get an even better chance of getting the product they want.  What they want in this case is subjective to the advertiser, and that's what could be the downfall of such a project.  I find this one exciting though.  Any salesperson should.

The ICO will only be available for 100 minutes on March 1st.  The "Crowdsale" starts at 7:00 CST on March 1st and ends promptly and 8:40 CST, so if you're looking to get in set a reminder for yourself!

ICO Start Date: 3/1/18

ICO End Date: 3/1/18 (100 Minutes Only)

LeadCoin Website: https://www.leadcoin.network/

LeadCoin Whitepaper: A Decentralized Network for Sharing High Quality Leads

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