Updated February 7th:

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News 2/7/18:

It looks like FUSION hit its hard ICO cap in one day of investing, meaning that it is quite heavily backed going into the later stages of its development.  We will continue monitoring the currency.  The strong support for the project suggests that there is great enthusiasm towards what we saw, which is total addressable market size. 

In a press release, FUSION claimed to be tackling the Internet of Values, which was publicized by QTUM creator Dejun Qian.  Qian is also attached to Fusion as a key player in the currencies development.


FUSION looks to ICO and roots itself in blockchain disciplines that it wants to apply to "CryptoFinance."  This is a laced up way of saying crypto currency based funding, investments banking, lending, insurance, exchanges, and anything else that goes into the financial experience.  FUSION aims to backbone the financial experience, making it more secure and consumer friendly.

The financial industries, much like the emerging web domain industry, rely on escrow services to back the security of a transaction.  If you’re not familiar with escrow services, think of it as a way of insuring a transaction that you can’t really make one to one in person.  Large financial assets are often times included here.  Digital assets are also perfect examples of things that need a digital layer of security.

One of the massive aspects that Dejun Qian promotes is the Inernet of Values.  In this world, peers are helpful to one another as they go through life.  It seems that Qian is of the opinion that currency and banking institutions have been restrictive on the amount humans can prosper.  They’re an antiquated way of one source funds all.  Nothing, especially something as important as currency, should be allowed such power over financial well beings.

One of the largest ways to disrupt the banking industry has been crowdsourced based loans.  We see companies like LendingTree and other peer to peer lenders emerging largely due to their ability to lower interest rates on consumers.  While banks may want their 20-28% charge for a loan or credit card, you or I may only look for 5-15% based on credit score with a crowdsourced load.  But that comes with a whole host of questions.  How do I get my return?  What happens if there are missed payments?   Blockchain and Fusion in particular look to solve that by placing that process in the secure hands of smart contracts.  The power of the collective being able to lend over banks could potentially cause a complete decentralization of currency, now that’s powerful.

The chain looks to be inclusive and assures all sorts of people and bring them along crypto currencies and banking assets together.  It is early in the chains development, but it's website covers a very aggressive road map that sees full functionality in Cryptofinance by 2019.  If such happens, grabbing this at ICO would be a no brainier, but their goals are massive and include some major hurdles with legislation.  I’m excited for this cryptocurrency.  If one of these is done right, it could truly create global financial freedom.  But with all things, there are caveats, and any utopia is always short lived for the transition of greed.

ICO Start Date: 2/1/18

ICO End Date: 2/10/18

Fusion Website: https://www.fusion.org/

Fusion Whitepaper: An Inclusive Cryptofinance Platform Based on Blockchain

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