Updated February 4th:

Cryptocurrency Total Addressable Market Potential: A+

Growth Potential: B+
Sustainability Score: B
Brains Behind Currency: B

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BlitzPredict looks to disrupt the gambling, eSports, and trading industries by leveraging smart contracts to secure payment processing.  Gambling has long endured a bad reputation by using shell companies to process winnings and payment processing where gambling is outlawed.  The USA is one of the many entities where online gambling is illegal and banned, yet bettors still wish to carry on business and Casino’s have never been one to shy away. By providing aggregated betting data and streamlining processing, the coin looks to ease pains felt by both legal and illegal betters alike in a myriad of different communities. 

BlitzPredict’s aggregation doesn’t just streamline transactions between casinos and gamblers, it also aggregates gambling lines for the end user so that they can get the best possible odds.  Have you ever bet with a company like Bovada or  Well if you gamble online in the US, you’ve likely used one or the other if not both.  When doing so, it is likely that you received different lines on a game you wanted from the two.  BlitzPredict takes much of the legwork out of the process that is normally time taxing for the better and plans to get its investor the half a point he or she deserves.  Pretty cool, and an advantage I never thought that I would see come to the gambling space.

SmartContracts will also be used in the currency to help guarantee advantages like instant payouts from casinos which have always been a pain in the butt.  No more waiting a month to get your bet paid out.  No more leaving your money in your betting account until you lose it.  Heck, if you struggle, BlitzPredict even boasts access to advanced analytical picks and statistical models to give you the edge against the house you may or may not have always needed.  Just be careful.  I don’t recommend gambling money that you haven’t already planned on losing.  I’d apply the same rules to this cryptocurrency market and to ICO’s like BlitzPredict, but with great risk comes great reward.

Perhaps you’re in for the jackpot if this ICO accomplishes all it hopes to.  Good luck and happy investing!

ICO Start Date: 1/22/18

ICO End Date: 2/22/18

BlitzPredict Website:

BlitzPredict Whitepaper: What is BlitzPredict?

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