Ongoing Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's)

Initial Public Coin Offerings are a popular way for cryptocurrency startups to obtain the capital necessary to facilitate a project or idea.  It works much like a stock offering in that units are sold for a fixed price prior to reaching a point where it is made available to the public.  In many cases, ICO's have become the application of blockchain technology to modern areas of disruption.

The ICO's below are listed by expiration date. We do feature certain ICO's that we feel deserve a special look in the top bar.  Our qualifications for listing ICO's here are many.  Primarily we like to focus on the skilled minds behind the technologies and the addressable market.  

It should be noted that ICO's are more volatile than power Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with high market capitalization rates.  While a bitcoin may come out of this list, it is far more likely that these will turn to zero faster than they will turn to gold.

As always, be careful and good luck out there!

To make us aware of an up and coming ICO, please send a detailed email that includes all relevant information regarding the currency.  We can be reached at

Featured ICO's

ICO Start Date: 3/1/18

ICO End Date: 3/1/18

LeadCoin likely has the most hype of any other ICO on this list.  It’s no accident that it’s ICO will only be 100 minutes long come March 1st.  Due to the rapidly changing environment in business based lead generation, there is now an opportunity to invest in a Crypto Currency that streamlines how we go about buying and selling leads.

Please click here for a more in depth review of LeadCoin.

February ICO's (Ending Soon)

Mid-Late 2018 ICO's