Bitcoin Wallet – Hot vs Cold Wallet


Cold BTC Wallet Vs Hot BTC Wallet: Which is best for you?

Banks have been a staple in human lives for quite some time.  Institutions backed by state legislatures ensured safety.   In popular public opinion, Banks are much safer places for us to keep our money than anywhere else.  We could us the doomsday preppers alternative and keep our money under the mattress.  That’s just not practical though.  Banks offer the stability of federally insured money that we can never have for ourselves.  They also pay interest for us to keep our wealth there.

We bank our money because we know it’s safer, and we choose from among different banks for reasons ranging from accessibility, customers service, or potential interest gains on our savings.

The process for safeguarding Bitcoin is not much different than common day banking.  It is done with bitcoin wallets.  Safeguarding is sourced in the blockchain which is secure through how nebulous it is.  The crowd aspect of blockchain provides the security of the banking services we have today. 

There is a common theme in both normal banking and cryptocurrency investing: we need to safeguard our finances with the safest technologies.  In both situations it is of paramount importance that we find the safeguarding option that is the unprecedented leader.  These financial entities are least likely to be compromised by sophisticated hackers that are after our livelihoods.  We as consumers cannot put our faith in anything less.

Our options for Blockchain safety can be categorized into two specific sections of bitcoin wallets.  Hor wallets and cold wallets differentiate two specific sections of bitcoin wallets.  Their differences can be seen primarily in how they operate.

As an investor looking for maximum security hot and cold wallets have numerous facets that need to be considered before selection.  We consider a few of the pros and cons of each to help you decide what will work best.

Hot Bitcoin Wallets

A hot bitcoin wallet is one that is live and directly connected to the internet.  It has open access to you directly and you are permitted to make day to day transactions easily y using it.  This connectivity is where the terminology “hot” comes from in its name. 

Whether you are logging in from your PC, smartphone, or tablet, you always have access to your hot wallet and are near investing services. 

Hot wallets are traditionally used by investors when buying Bitcoin from exchanges.  A typical exchange can be Coinbase, Binance, or our favorite, Coinmama.  

Advantages of Hot Bitcoin Wallets

  • Hot wallets are highly accessible for the end user and offer investing flexibility on the fly. You can make instant payments to refill your wallet and invest in what you like. Access is available without having to physically go back home and tap into your cold storage wallet.
  • Hot wallets are usually made to be compatible to multiple devices across multiple platforms. There is no limitation in mobile for financial access.
  • Hot wallets are highly encrypted.
  • Hot wallets typically come with an easy-to-use interface. Even those who are technologically challenged and new to the bitcoin space find ease in their use.

Disadvantages of Hot Bitcoin Wallets

  • Hot wallets, while encrypted, are much exposed to the possibility of hacking. They are a part of a shared access point in the exchange network.  They have a constant internet connection which makes them susceptible.
  • If your Hot wallet is stolen, you can pretty much give up. Your cryptocurrency holding will likely get lost forever the moment your device gets damaged or stolen with no redundancy. 

Cold Bitcoin Wallets

Cold wallets are also known as offline wallets. The main difference they have from Hot Wallets is that they are made with total security in mind.  Security is the #1 reason someone would purchase a cold wallet.  Cold wallets are made to emulate bank vaults in their features.  Over the sexiness of internet access, they forgo bells and whistles to maximize security measures.

Your cold storage wallet can be multiple things.  It might be a hardware wallet that you have. It can even be your PC if it never connects to the internet.  Desktop rigs are best for this.  Many of them don’t even have the capability of connecting wirelessly.

Cold wallets are a serious step in security and are expensive. To really buy a secure situation, consider buying a small to medium fireproof safe.  Amazon has great deals and ships fireproof safes faster than should be humanly possible.  them quickly.  A safe is a must have for someone growing in life.  It’s a great security measure for passports, social security cards, and government documents let alone bitcoin and financial holdings.

Advantages of Cold Bitcoin Wallets

  • Cold wallets are your responsibility solely. No one has digital ownership or access.  Your vault is safest for storing large amounts of Bitcoin.
  • Cold wallets are completely secure and detached from the internet. They are not accessible to hackers or capable of being compromised without direct access on site.
  • Cold wallets have many security features. They are more private and utilize extremely sophisticated security features

Disadvantages of Cold Bitcoin Wallets

  • Cold wallets normally need to sit in one place. They are hefty and secure.  It is not something you can travel with or invest with like a hot wallet
  • Cold wallets require extra hardware that is specialized for security. They are more expensive for the end user.

Whether you are looking for security or accessibility, Hot Wallets and Cold Wallets provide different flexibility.  Choose your rig wisely and good luck investing in cryptocurrency!