Coinbase Referral Program Information


What is Coinbase?

 Coinbase is an online platform that deals in the exchange of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and other digital currencies for local currency. It is known to be one of the safest and most secure platforms.  It allows you to buy, sell, transfer and even store these digital currencies.

With Coinbase, you can easily convert your local currency into or out of digital currency. It is so easy and free to create a Coinbase wallet.  We consider coinbase to be at the backbone of the cryptocurrency investment space, especially if you are a US citizen.  This is primarily because it is the quickest and most convenient way to get back into cash assets.  Because of this, it is considered a good hedge play to have in any portfolio.  While the paper wallet is the equivalent of crypto currency dollars, many naysayers out there would argue that there is no substitute for government back currencies.  So if you’re a beginner or a savvy investor in the digital coin space, Coinbase is the right place for you.  One of the other benefits of Coinbase is its referral program.  We here at ReviewCryptoCurrency are well known users of referral commissions to fund our development work.  After all, we’re crypto investors, not rocket scientists.  Anyways, one of the ways you can make money on Coinbase outside of investing is through referrals.  Let me explain how this referral scheme works.  In the end, it’s great for everyone involved. 

 What is a referral scheme?

A referral scheme is designed as a means of appreciating a third party for bringing a new customer to a company. For every new customer you bring, you are rewarded. So is it possible to make money with referral system on Coinbase? The answer is "Yes.”  Without a wonderful product to back you, one that you would actually use, referrals schemes are worthless.  A customer base can quickly sniff out a bad product, so if you aren’t actually legitimately interested in who you promote and chase the dollar, you can find your end customer quite upset.  This is something to remember if you promote a service online like we do.  Without Coinbase contributing $10 to you as well, we would never participate in the program.  In the end, the program needs to benefit you, our reader, or it’s worthless to us.

Coinbase referral program details

The Coinbase referral program is open to both new and existing users of Coinbase and this program allows its members to earn free Bitcoin. Once you are a user of Coinbase, you are given a special code, much like you can see ours here.  This bonus will only be paid only if the person you refer buys Bitcoin that is up to $100 or more within 180 days.  So referring quality investors to a quality product is also key. 

 How to recruit with Coinbase

1.  After you have registered and confirmed your identity on Coinbase, you can login and access your referral page. Here Coinbase provides you with a specific referral link that is uique to you.  Copy this referral link and keep it somewhere safe.  It is important that you use your unique link and not another unique link of Coinbase’s. Once you have copied this link, you can start mailing it to your friends. 

We recommend sharing your url on your social media accounts.  Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so on work great for informing friends and new contacts about how they can join the crypto investment craze safely, and make a little bank on the side too.

Be transparent about the benefits and the fact that you both benefit from the use of the link in your messaging.  Again, referral agreements only work if honesty is used and benefit is had from both sides.  Don’t refer a bad product.  It’s just not worth it for your reputation.  In the end, there’s no harm in taking corporate America’s money if they’re going to pass benefits back to customers with advertising spend.  Affiliate marketing is slated to be a 20 billion dollar industry by 2020.  To not take advantages of the benefits would be silly for all of us.

2.  Once your friend or new prospective investor clicks and registers using your referral link, he or she will be added to your referral list.

3.  Coinbase promises a reward of $10 on each person you refer and there is no limit to the number of people you are allowed to refer, so the more you refer, the more you earn. Imagine making up to a $100 by referring 10 friends, and making $1000 if you can refer up to 100 friends. As we’ve indicated, it helps keep the website alive when you use our link and earn $10. It’s not easy to pay the developers.  They’re f***i*g expensive!

4.  Before you finally firm up your $10 take, your friend must trade on within 180 days. They must buy $100 in value in cryptocurrency or you simply don’t get credit. If they successfully carry out this transaction within the timeframe though, you’re in the money! $10 for you and $10 for them. Cha-ching!

A referral links always looks like this "".  Always make sure and check that your referral URL is correct.  Without the exact characters in the URL issued by coinbase, you will not get credit.  Also, take note of some practices to avoid below.

 Possible reasons why your referral bonus did not show up

 1Multiple or duplicate accounts are not allowed.  If you have more than one account and are attempting to use a referral scheme to pay yourself, you will be disqualified and not be given the $10 bonus. You are technically only permitted to have one account.  If you violate that and get away with it, don’t double your risk and compensate yourself for it with an affiliate commission on both sides.

2. If the referred person fails to make any transactions that is up to $100 within 180 days you will not get the referral bonus.

3. The referral has to buy or sell up to $100 before you can be credited with the registration bonus. However, the $100 can be cumulative as well. This means it can be completed over multiple transactions and not necessarily a single transaction of $100.

4.  The transaction must be carried out on Coinbase If the order is placed on something like GDAX exchange, then it will obviously not count.

5.  The referral must use your referral link to register, if the person uses another link that is not your link, then you won't get the $10 referral bonus.


Coinbase is totally safe and secure and everyone loves the product.  There’s a reason that Coinbase has climbed to #1 on the Apple store as well as google play.  You can buy, sell and transfer your digital currency free of charge initially, and the referral program is just a great perk to getting to know the program.  If you can help people understand the value of joining Coinbase, you will be compensated generously and if you help us by using ours, we will love you forever.  Help us pay WPEngine and all of the other corporations we need to pay to keep this thing going.

Happy investing!

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