Who Accepts Bitcoin – Top 50 Partners


Who Accepts Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has seen rapid mainstream acceptance coming into 2018.  From Jeff Bezos and Amazon bitcoin acceptance methods to Mark Cuban's bitcoin priorities with the Mavericks, Bitcoin is seeing more use as a form of payment.  Who accepts Bitcoin you ask?  It turns out more companies than we initially thought.  While we expected 50 companies to be difficult to find, it turns out over 200 mainstram companies accept the cryptocurrency.  We look at some the top providers below.

Amazon: Jeff Bezos is a leader when it comes to innovation. It’s no surprise that the world’s richest man was on the front end of adopting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Microsoft: The popular software company does former owner and Clippers main man Steve Balmer proud by remaining edgy in the cryptocurrency space. Users can use bitcoin to purchase products such as XBOX One games, movies, applications and more. The currency can be used with Windows, Xbox and Microsoft online stores.

Virgin Galactic: One of my favorite Brandson quotes is, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” In typical Brandson fashion, Virgin dove headfirst into accepting cryptocurrency.  You can now purchase flights on Virgin air, phones, on Virgin Mobile and potentially even space travel with Bitcoin.

Subway: Eat fresh with your crypto. Jared not included (gross), Subway has improved face by accepting Bitcoin as payment in their restaurant.

Expedia.com: Expedia partners with Coinbase. It is one of the online largest booking agencies in the world. Securing deals for thousands of world travelers a day, they accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for hotel and flight bookings.

Overstock.com: Overstock is known for selling goods at reduced prices due to a surplus in inventory. The discount online store now partners with Coinbase. You can make payment with Bitcoin for any item you purchase.

Newegg.com: My brother always loved Newegg.com and bought several computers with the site. They are edgy much like he is. He’s one of the leading cloud hosting specialists in the world.  Much as he is edgy, Newegg now accepts Bitcoin as payment for the purchase of consumer electronics.

Dell: The popular American computer technology company now accepts Bitcoin in exchange for its laptops and gadgets.

Wikipedia: You look up information on Wikipedia every day. It now accepts Bitcoin as donation.

Badoo: The popular online dating site now allows its members to pay for its premium subscription in Bitcoins.

Shopify.com: One of the most amazing stories in modern technology, Canada based Shopify takes the cake for giving small and medium sized businesses the ability to sell their products online. With one of the best stock performances of 2017, Shopify now allows Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Apple's app store: With a majority of American’s having iPhones, they can now pay for new CD’s with cryptocurrency. The Apple Store allows you to buy music and applications with Bitcoin.

Bigfish games: The popular and publicly traded game maker now allows you to buy games for your PC and Smartphones with Bitcoin.

CVS Pharmacy: You would be stunned at the digital strategy Brian Tilzer has put together at CVS. They are one of the most technologically advanced websites in the USA.  You’d be absolutely stunned at how intricate the pharmacy’s marketing strategy is.  It is no surprise the company can handle cryptocurrency transactions with ease.  You can now fill your prescriptions and pay in Bitcoin

Euro pacific: This precious medals and capital investment company now accepts bitcoin as a means of payment into its services.

Fiverr: The popular freelance site allows you to get almost everything done just with $5. Whether you need content writing, digital advertising help, web development, or even something as random as taking photos of a dog, you can get it done on Fiverr. Pay that $5 in Bitcoin.

Lionsgate films: The popular movie maker is responsible for all time Hollywood hits like “The Hunger Games,” “The Twilight Saga,” and one of my person favorites “3:10 to Yuma.” They have about 2.4 billion in annual revenue as of 2015. In 2018, some of that revenue will be coming from Bitcoin.

Naughty America: If you watch porn, you’ve probably been on one of Naught America’s thousands of media sites. They’re “Award Winning” with multiple Audio Video News awards nominations. You may have even purchased a porn subscription with Naughty America on Pornhub or the like.  You can renew in Bitcoin.

PayPal/EBay: You can now deposit, somewhat limitedly to, Ebay and Paypal using Bitcoin.

Reddit: The popular forum is one of the leading places to learn about ICO’s and new Crypto news. It allows premium subscription payment in Bitcoin.

Webjet: Known for being a discount flight and hotel retailer, the online agency that deals with everything traveling. They now accept Bitcoins.

WordPress: The site you are on is built in WordPress. No, I didn’t not pay them in Bitcoins, but you now can!

Victoria's secret: Who doesn’t love a nice piece of lingerer? You can now get excited. Not only is your wife coming home sexy as f***, you’re buying it in Bitcoin honey.

Suntimes.com: The popular Chicago based online newspaper now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

SimplePay: A popular Nigerian web and mobile wallet service provider, SimplePay accepts Bitcoin as payment on its app and website..

Seoclerks.com: One of the seediest places on the internet, Seoclerks helps websites rank by using backlinks and other techniques. They claim to get SEO done cheaply on their site.  ReviewCryptoCurrency does not use them, but they now accept bitcoin.

Sears: The running joke about SEARS is that they’ll go out of business any day now. Not if Bitcoin has anything to do with it. deals with the sales clothing and house hold products

Namecheap: A popular registrar, Namecheap is a great place to register new domain names for your website. You can now register any .com, .net, .org, .me or any other dot you’d like with bitcoin.

Mint: This popular tool helps people keep their finances in order and get to a better financial standing. They now accept bitcoin.

MIT Co-op store: The home of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Co-op store services some of the smartest minds in the United States. They now accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Puebla: The popular Mexican University educates thousands and now takes bitcoin as a form of tuition payment.

K-mart: Much like SEARS, K-Mart is a dying sight in the USA. Their products are still popular in online retail sales. They now accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Grooveshark: Grooveshark offers free music streaming. Like many freemium options, the streaming requires advertising. If you’d like to buy premium Groovehark, you can now do so it bitcoin.

Green Man Gaming: This popular games reseller is based in Great Britain. You may now buy used games from them using Cryptocurrency.

EZTV: The popular torrents provider now accepts bitcoin as a form of payment for its torrent download services.

Dish network: The American broadcasting satellite service provider now accepts cryptocurrency to put a satellite dish on your home. God bless Cryptocurrency and America.

eGifter: Need a gift card to Amazon, JCPenny, Sephora, or virtually any other popular retail outlet? Buy it in bitcoin.

Cheapair: A popular discount booking site for hotels, airline tickets and car rentals, Cheapair can send you anywhere you want. You can now pay for the trip of a lifetime in Bitcoin.

Bloomberg: The popular financial times newspaper, television station, and radio syndication now accepts bitcoin for payment

Braintree Payments:  This division of PayPal now accepts payments using bitcoin.

Roadway Moving Company: Moving? Move some bitcoin over to these guys and they’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

KFC Canada: You can now buy your fried chicken with bitcoin. Don’t forget a mountain dew! Only in Canada, not available in the US.

Reeds Jewlers, Inc.: Need a ring for a special someone? Make sure they don’t find out by using the bitcoin wallet to surprise them instead of cash.  If you’re looking for a place, Reeds Jewlers will certainly take your coin.

4chan: The popular forums provider now accepts cryptocurrency payments for premium services.

ExpressVPN: Hide your IP address and pay for it in digital currency! I recommend using a VPN service.

OkCupid: The popular dating site has a billboard by my house that claims its users are DTF. I’m not sure what that means, but you can pay for premium DTF services on OkCupid with Bitcoin.

WholeFoods: Bezos is at it again. You can now purchase your favorite hipster fruits and vegetables at WholeFoods using bitcoin.  Bezos also just recently announces that there is 5% cash back for WholeFoods users who use their Amazon Visa cards.

PizzaforCoins: The joke’s I’ve heard about people paying for a pizza or a beer in bitcoin have come full circle. It’s not a joke anymore. Pay fragments of a bitcoin for a pizza on Pizzaforcoins.

San Jose Earthquakes: Watch Wondolowski score a header and do it all using your digital wallet.

Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban recently stated that you will be able to use Bitcoin to pay for items, concessions, and tickets to Mavericks NBA games by the 2017-2018 season.

US Libertarian Party: The popular independent party of the US and representative of the far right, the libertarian party now takes bitcoin as donation to support its political candidates.